Tuesday, a white person, is seated in a brown leather chair. They're working on a sewing project while their black cat stands on their leg, standing nose to nose with Tuesday.

Hey! Hi! Hello!

I'm WakeUpTuesday and I am a disabled artist, zine-maker, and podcast manager based out of Houston, TX. My work is primarily with Lavender Lemonade, where I sound design, voice act, and develop visuals for audio drama podcasts.I am not looking for work at this time.My next event will be Zine Fest Houston on November 18th, 2023 at the
Orange Show Center for Visionary Art, at table 1.

Voice Acting

Carter Corrin in
Transmission Folklore

The Curator
in Deep Blue Stars

Devon Lancook
in Electromancy

the electromancy cover art

Strategist 1

SPECTRE's cover art

Podcast Trailer Animatics

An animatic is a form of animation that is a moving storyboard with an audio track behind it.I have done work on the following shows as the artist and animator.

Transmission Folklore Season 2
Crowdfunding Campaign Video

BeanSprout Against the World
Crowdfunding Campaign Video

Digital Art

For more information about each project, please click the photo.

Crowned by Overture

Inspired by "Achilles Come Down" by Gang Of Youths and the cover art design and story for
Above and Below
. Initially an assignment for Illustration I at Houston Community College turned personal project.

A somber illustration of an astronaut's glove lit up by a candle in its palm against a nebulous dark sky.

Beached Fish

A whimsical take on a larger than life dream.

A whale sized Swedish Fish candy piece that has been washed ashore. There are two tiny seagulls around the fish for size comparison.

Podcast Cover Art